July 2016: Stoneboy is back to the video site where it first started. We posted the pilot episodes of Stoneboy on Newgrounds back in 2008 and we are finally back to this friendly site for more videos!

June 2016: We have been invited by NHB to do up three murals for Bras Basah Bugis Art Sprawl at Waterloo Centre. Check out these beautiful drawings by our artists.

May 2016: Our short film "That Fat Cat, Ate Dad's Hat has been selected for screening at Animaze Daze in Cannes! Thanks to all the artists involved in this project :) Trailer for our shortfilm "That Fat Cat, Ate Dad's Hat" is now available on youtube.

April 2016: Here is our showreel for 2016!

March 2016: Did you know that buildings account for 1/3 of global greenhouse gas emissions? Check out these videos we have produced for BCA to find out how you can help to reduce and protect our environment!

Feb 2016: Nickelodeon announces 2015 Animated Shorts Program Finalists and we are excited to share with you that our original concept Sharkdog has been selected as one of the finalists.

Jan 2016: We are collaborating with Pinko Creative for a comic adaptation project on their popular Comic book Ge Mei Liang, check out for 2016!

June 2015: We are glad to be involved in Utter 2015, a Singapore Writers Festival (SWF) initiative, commissioned by the National Arts Council. Our short film "That Fat Cat Ate Dad's Hat" is based on Vanessa Ng's short story about a cat's nine lives.

March 2015: Jun Jia juggles school, part time work and projects all at the same time! Here's how ITE College Central is giving students a helping hand with a new bursary scheme.

Feb 2015: Play this comic inspired e-learning module featuring Ken and his best friends to discover safety tips for every occasion in child's life. Commissioned by the Work Safety and Health Council

Jan 2015: Chips and Toon is proud to be involved in the animation production of Singapore's very first animated sitcom, "Heartland Hubby" - a Robot Playground production.

September 2014: In this teaser for Eric's Monsters, our mischievous boy protagonist has a wet and wild surprise for his friend, Claire.

September 2014: Chips and Toon proudly presents the compilation of our work ranging from illustration, design, comics and animation for your viewing pleasure.

August 2014: Check out the latest animation produced by Chips and Toon in 2014. Highlights include the hugely anticipated conclusion to our Operation MACE web series and a brand new Stoneboy episode!

July 2014: Stoneboy and Stanley stumble upon an appetising nest of eggs. Don't bite off more than you can chew!

June 2014: The award winning web series, Operation Mace comes to a climatic close as Guy and his team struggle to survive the machinations of Dr Uffian and the nefarious Queen of the Mosqueros.

June 2014: In this narrative video, we helped spread crucial information on how injured workers can claim work injury compensation from the Ministry of Manpower. The video also features interviews with workers who suffered industrial accidents.

May 2014: Our most recent motion graphics video release for SPRING Singapore reminds its employees how they can hit the 'sweet spot' in their career.

April 2014: Singapore is terrorised by an attack by a sweet adversary.

December 2013:Check out our 2013 showreel here

December 2013:Updates on Client Testimonial. Check it out here

December 2013:The epic sage of MACE animated series continues with Episode 7: "Submerge"- Trapped underground, the only way out for the MACE team is to submerge even deeper.

October 2013:Currently in the second run of publishing, the National Security Coordination Secretariat's "Web of Deception" comic book has won many fans with its riveting storyline, thrilling action and gritty art work. Check it out here

October 2013:Launched as part of the Building and Construction Authority's Unify to UDify campaign, enjoy the madcap antics of Dotz and Hexa as they demonstrate the pitfalls of poor design and the merits of Universal design. Check it out here

October 2013:The epic sage of MACE animated series continues with Episode 6: "Descent"- Encircled by a horde of Mosqueroes, things look bleak for Guy and the MACE team... can Zuki and Capt Green come to their rescue on time?

September 2013:The epic sage of MACE animated series continues with Episode 5: "Scourge"- The MACE team races off to find a cure for Zuki's illness but the real danger may actually lurk much closer.

September 2013:The epic sage of MACE animated series continues with Episode 4: "Trauma"- A peek into Zuki's tragic past which fuels her crusade against the dreaded Mosqueros.

August 2013:The epic saga of MACE animated series continues with Episode 3: "Confrontation"- Six faces off this new unknown adversary, Greenus.

June 2013:Premiering at the BASF Media Event in Singapore, the "Farmers: Biggest Job in the World" video plays a big role at the conference to illustrate the future of agriculture in the Asia Pacific. Check it out here

April 2013:Singa and the Kindness Cubbies are spending the day at a treetop adventure walk. "Sher's Courage" is seriously tested when the lives of a nest of chicks hang in a mortal balance. Check it out here

April 2013: Chips and Toons just shifted! For future enquiries, you can make a visit to our office at Waterloo Street!

November 2012: Chips and Toons are pleased to release a series of videos that raise awareness of courses run by the Singapore Institution of Safety Officers. Make a difference to the life of your co-workers and sign up now!

October 2012: Students at the Singapore Institute of Management University (UniSIM) are now reminded that its never too early to plan your career through a funny but hard-hitting video.

September 2012: Completed a training video featuring the do's and don'ts of running a Herbalife franchise starring their very own mascot, Herbie.

September 2012: Singa is off to catch his idol, Captain Kindness at the Comic Convention but seems to have forgotten his appointment with Kalle. Will he forsake his friends for the one chance to be with Captain Kindness? Check out the latest episode of Singa and the Kindness Cubbies!

July 2012: Chips and Toon are proud to promote one of Singapore's largest private education providers, the PSB Academy through two hilarious animated videos.

May 2012: We have begun working on a new itouch game for Ngee Ann Polytechnic, School of Health Sciene.

April 2012: We have worked together with Ngee Ann Poly Library to produce an interactive online courseware on Library Orientation.

March 2012:Who still remember Singa? For those growing up in the 80s/90s might remember that good old Singa. For those who might not have the chance to know Singa or forgotten, this is a new animation commissioned by the kind folks at SKM. The aim is to reintroduce Singa to a new generation of audience. We have completed 4 episodes, check them out here

Feb 2012: We have completed 6 comic posters for Operation M.A.C.E. Watch out for them in upcoming Operation M.A.C.E roadshows.

Dec 2011: In the midst of producing for Ep 2 of Singa and the Kindness Cubbies and wrapping up other projects before new year.

Nov 2011: Ep 01 of Singa and the Kindness Cubbies is completed! Watch the video here.

Oct 2011: Chips and Toon will be producing 6 episodes of Singa and the Kindness Cubbies for the Singapore Kindness Movement. Watch out for more updates!

Sept 2011: Another exciting M.A.C.E project! We will be working on a marketing video to help promote M.A.C.E to the public.

Aug 2011: We have completed the 9 Chee Chiew Animated Comic Strips.

July 2011: Chips and Toon will be producing season 2 M.A.C.E theatre series for the National Environment Agency as part of the Dengue Prevention campaign.

June 2011: We are in the midst of animating 6 Animated clips awarded by NUS Data Center as part of the Data Security Awareness Progamme for NUS staff.

Mar 2011: The third SCDF Iphone application is up for download. Click here to download the third app.

Mar 2011: We are in the midst of animating 9 Chee Chiew Comic Strips awarded by MICA.

Feb 2011: All the episodes for NEA M.A.C.E theatre series is up on the web. Watch it here!

Feb 2011: The second SCDF Iphone application is up for download. Click here to download the second app.

Jan 2011: Happy Chinese New Year to all! Enjoy the long break.

Jan 2011: We have completed the LTA Work Safety for employees and employers campaign. To watch the videos, click here!

Dec 2010: Have a Happy New Year 2011 everyone!

Dec 2010: Chips and Toon will be producing ep02 M.A.C.E Series for the National Environment Agency as part of the Dengue Prevention campaign.

Dec 2010: We launched our FIRST Iphone application Fire Safety for SCDF. Check out the video here!

Nov 2010: In the midst of producing for LTA Public Education Programme for the employers and employees concept.

Sept 2010: We are in the process of developing SCDF Fire Safety Iphone App. Watch out for more updates!

Oct 2010: A sequel to the "Big Guy, Bigger Guy" Rebranding Video produced for Avocent. Click here! to check out the video and the line animation we did for them.

June 2010: Our shortfilm, "The Four Legged Friend" is completed. Watch out for our blog for more updates to come!

June 2010: Check out our new Showreel updated here!

May 2010: We have completed a 5 minutes "M.A.C.E" animation video for the National Environment Agency as part of the Dengue Prevention Campaign.

March 2010: "Be Healthy, Stay Happy!", producing a 2 minutes animated health jingle clip for Health Promotion Board.

Feb 2010: We are in the process of completing 15 episodes "M.A.C.E Theater Series" for the National Environment Agency as part of the Dengue Prevention Campaign in CHIBI style.

December 2009: We have completed some short web animations for the CPF Board as part of their "Im$avvy" Toons Gallery. Watch this space for more updates!

November 2009: We have completed 2 clips for the National Environment Agency as part of the Dengue Prevention Campaign dubbed "Operation M.A.C.E. Watch it here!

October 2009: Stoneboy will air on Nickelodeon across Asia Pacific in early 2010! We've also recently tied up with Edebe Audio Visual for distribution in the European Regions. Read more about it here!

July 2009: Together with The Creative Room, our feature film concept, Tattoo War, has won an award recently at NAFF 2009, Korea. Many thanks to the parties and artists involved!

July 2009: Commissioned by National Environment Agency, Chips and Toon will be producing two animated trailers as part of the Dengue Prevention campaign.

June 2009: We are producing a 72 page comic for SCDF. 60,000 copies will be distributed to 178 primary schools in Singapore.

June 2009: To raise awareness about Medishield for women, we have produced an animation clip for the campaign "Medishield and You" for NTUC.

March 2009: We have worked together with HPB (Health Promotion Board), to produce an interactive presentation on gum disease and gum care.

Febuary 2009: ASMI and WSHC have awarded Chips and Toon to produce a 20 mins animated video for shipyard workplace safety.

January 2009: We have been appointed by WSHC (Workspace Safety Health Care) to create a 10 mins animated video for the logistics and transportation campaign.

December 2008: We have been awarded The Animated Short film initiative grant by SFS and MDA to produce a 20 mins+ short film!Check out our blog for production updates and sneak peeks for this upcoming feature!

October 2008 : Chips and Toon has been awarded by Ngee Ann Poly to design a series of characters and to produce an animated educational material.

Stoneboy at MIPCOM 2008 ! Introduce Stoneboy in Cannes and the market response on the show has been very positive. Stay in touch for more news on the series !

September 2008 : Completed a 30/45 sec TV Commercial for CPF board. Catch the commercial on SBS's TV Mobile and SMRT.

August 2008: Completed two interactive games for Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) . Go check it out at the IRAS Gallery !

July 2008: Completed an animation clip for ACE's Blue5ky Festival Conference video.

June 2008: Updated the Stoneboy website with a new trailer based on the 1st 12 episodes of the series, go check it out!

May 2008: We have completed our 3rd animated DVD for CPF board Singapore, reflecting on the recent CPF changes.

April 2008: We have begin on our two interactive projects for Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS).

March 2008: Completed the new live action cum animation TV series, Alex and Weero, for Mediacorp Kids Central!

January 2008: Updated our website today, check out our latest works, gallery and demo reel !

December 2007: Updated the Stoneboy website, check it out!

November 2007: Completed our second motion graphic and animation project, Krayon for MediaCorp TV12.

October 2007: Completed another animation project with The Creative Room for the Young Artist Award. Check it out in our gallery!

On another note, we have begun production on Alex and Weero, which is our new live action cum animation TV series. Catch it on Kids Central in January 2008 !

September 2007: We have completed an animated DVD for CPF Board Singapore on the recent CPF changes. The DVD was launched at the Prime Ministerís Dialogue session and it has received great response! Thanks to our animators who have made it possible !

August 2007: We have just shifted our office to a new location. Our new address is:

No.3 Pemimpin Drive
#04-03 Lip Hing Industrial Building
Singapore 576147

July 2007: Our latest TV commercial in conjunction with Nexus and Spoon Productions, N.Emation 2007.

June 2007: We have finished our production of the Power 98 FM TV commercial together with Scrawl Studios and SAFRA radio.

May 2007: Superdong was invited to the prestigious Directorsí Fortnight for Cannes Film Festival 2007! Congratulations to The Creative Room and all our artists who were involved in the project.

March 2007: Superdong has won 2nd place in the 2006 Panasonic-MDA Digial Film Fiesta! Congrats and a big thanks to all those who have made it possible!
We have updated the Stoneboy website, please check it out!

Jan 2007: Completed an interactive training/educational project for a local ministry.

Dec 2006: We have completed a short film project for Superdong. It will be shown at the Panasonic Digital Film Fiesta in April 2007.

Nov 2006: Updated the Stoneboy website, go take a look!

Jul 2006: We are glad to launch the second episode of Stoneboy. We have included a theme song for this episode.

Jun 2006: We have completed the first episode of Stoneboy. Feel free to check it out.

March 2006: After finalising the details, we started working on Nadimís World, our first mini TV-Series.